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IPAB plans for IPY

2006: 4 Buoys


The Australian Antarctic CRC (Petra Heil) will deploy one stress-gauge buoy in the Lazarev Sea in July 2006. This will be complemented by three AWI met buoys.


2007: 24-26 Buoys


In 2007, the Australian Antarctic CRC (Petra Heil) will deploy two (meso-scale) deformation arrays off East Antarctica, consisting of four or five buoys each. To be deployed during the Australian IPY sea-ice cruise (mid Aug - mid Oct 2007).

AWI will deploy three met buoys in the Bellingshausen/Amundsen Seas. These might be combined with the main IPAB activity in 2007 so far, which is an ice camp organised by Steve Ackley (SIMBA project), and which also comprises a buoy deformation array. This will be made of 13 buoys!

The Australian BOM (Graeme Ball) will also deploy SVPs on our region of interest.


Please send me any more information you have on your IPY plans, and beyond (chaas@awi.de)!