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Other publications



Scientific publications

  1. Heil, P., J.K. Hutchings, J. Launiainen, M. Johansson, C. Haas and W.D.Hibler III, 2005: Ice Station POLarstern [ISPOL]: Drifting Buoy Data Report, ACE CRC Technical Report, 1, 20pp, ISBN 1-921197-00-5, 2005.
  2. Heil, P., Hutchings, J.K., Worby, A.P., Johansson, M., Launiainen, J., Haas, C., Hibler III, W.D., 2008: Tidal forcing on sea-ice drift and deformation in the West. Weddell Sea in early austral summer, 2004. DSR II ISPOL sp. issue, in press.
  3. Steer, A., A. Worby, and P. Heil, 2008: Observed changes in sea ice floe size distribution during early summer in the western Weddell Sea. DSR II ISPOL sp. issue, in press.


Feature articles

  1. Haas, C., 2006: The Antarctic Buoy Program faces new challenges. CliC Ice and Climate News, 7, 10-11. [Read]
  2. Haas, C., and P. Heil, 2007: Sea ice flux in the Weddell Sea: New insights from an International Program for Antarctic Buoys drift experiment during Ice Station Polarstern in 2004. WCRP WGSF Fluxnews Newsletter, 4(Oct 2007), 4-5. [Read]